I have never had a blog before.  So, I’m thinking should start off by explaining who I am and why I decided to write a blog.  

A little about me first…I’m in my 12th year as a teacher..  I also have my Masters degree in Library and Information Science.  For the first 11years, I taught reading to 7-9th graders at 3 different schools in Mesa, AZ.  This year I decided to make the change to Math.  My reason for changing subjects is that I was beginning to feel burned out.  I think I’m so emotionally tied to books and each year it was getting harder and harder to “sell” the concept of reading as fun, so I’d put more and more of myself into winning my students over.  It became too exhausting!  
Don’t get me wrong, my strength as a reading teacher is that I could get many of my students to read a book, when previously they had never finished a book.  I even found quite a bit of success “spreading the reading bug” to my students.  I still find myself book talking books to my math and home room students. A big part of me misses that part of being a reading teacher.
However, my lifelong dream is to be a librarian. I sometimes wonder if I should have been born in an earlier time. The librarian position is slowly fading as city/state budgets are cut and technology becomes so advanced they can replace librarians with machines.
I don’t ever stop trying to find my way into a library position. Unfortunately, University of Wisconsin: Milwaukee didn’t give me an internship so I don’t have any formal experience. So, when I interview and make it to the second round (I’m assuming based on my passion), I’m always passed up for someone who has worked in a library. I usually apply for YA or School related positions, but they don’t count 11 years of teaching reading as experience. Even if I know I have a larger knowledge base of the materials for those positions than many librarians do. Hence, my frustration!
Now, about why I decided to start a blog. As you can see, I have a lot on my mind and I thought, why not write it down in some way. So, here I am. Also, I thought it would be a way to share my love of books with other people. Expect to see book reviews or recommendations mixed in with my posts. You can also follow me on Good Reads. I have a huge “to read” list as well as a rather big “read” list too. Maybe you’ll find your next book there.